An Afternoon Walk Through Chandernagore

Known as the former French colony, the small town in the suburbs Chandernagore is a historic treasure trove. It is just that you need to go on a treasure hunt to find the hidden gems like old french palatial bungalows which are almost crumbling now, churches, temples and much more. Chandernagore heritage and its french connection has been in news ever since France has shown interest and become proactive in conserving it’s overseas heritage with the help of local heritage groups. From what we saw, it may be just too late to save some.

On a Christmas afternoon a team of Know Your Neighbour and heritage enthusiasts went on a heritage walk guided by Souptik Choudhury of Hugli River of Cultures Project. Here are few photographs of our walk…I will let them do the talking about the past grandeur…

Photo-Courtesy: My son Anuran

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