Goa Diary – 1

Goa trip was quite an unexpected last minute opportunity offered to me by my school. I was to accompany a rather large group of enthusiastic students for an holiday educational trip along with other faculties. Being a travel buff, I could not refuse. I had accompanied students last year too for a trip so I knew this was not going to be a leisure trip. But yet, as this was my first trip to Goa, I was curious about the place, the famous beaches and forts. Goa has multiple aspects of Nature that I love – rivers, sea and hilly terrain.

It is not just the geography but history of Goa is very intriguing too. The recent findings of Petroglyphs – Usgalimal rock engravings in South Goa indicate an history dating back to 20, 000 years or even more – the upper paleolithic or Mesolithic eras. But the recent memory or historic high reference is mainly about the fact that Portuguese ruled Goa till 1961 and it never went under British rule like rest princely states. The deep rooted cultural impact of Portuguese rule still reverberates in Goa through its music, lifestyle, architecture, spices and food. It offers a totally different slice of life. Local people are mild, well-mannered and welcoming. They seem to know good life is all about music, books, food, wine and the sea. And this is what makes Goa most endearing, Goa makes you leave rest all issues aside and take a stride on it’s beaches to converse with the sea. It takes us back to our primary link with Nature – to the rivers, forests and the sea. My first part of the Goa photo-diary: