Revisiting Creative Film Posters of Satyajit Ray

Today we begin the birth centenary celebrations of the world acclaimed film director Satyajit Ray.  Couple of years ago, I had participated in a photo-walk through the famous address and neighbourhood where Ray lived – Bishop Lefroy Street and Satyajit Ray Dharani. It was a short walk but it encompassed an era when Satyajit Ray was at his peak, directing one classic film after another which created an amazing long lasting legacy. The two sides of the roads leading to his home are lined with the famous film posters he had designed himself.

I was introduced to the world of Ray and beauty of language of his cinema through his couple of hindi films and documentaries before I moved to Kolkata. But it was Kolkata which opened the whole treasure trove of his films. It was amazing to know that he was extremely multifaceted creative director who did everything for his films – from script writing to music to posters. He even designed Nandan, a cinema lovers den in Kolkata with multiple state-of-the-art movie screening halls much before city got its multiplexes. I was lucky to watch most of his films at Nandan during retrospective screenings at film festivals.

Here are few clicks of the walk, mostly of his amazing film posters that are displayed on the sidewalks except couple of clicks of his room’s window and grill gate of his house…hope you enjoy this walk through the Ray’s creative genius…

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