Takdah – A Heritage Tucked in the Hills

Impromptu travel plans always end up being the best ones as one doesn’t have time to do research about the place and precincts. Prior research often leads to expectations and expectations then may lead either to joy or disappointment.

Our travel plan to visit Darjeeling and Takdah was made on the spur of the moment as all of us had an irresistible urge to get away from the city after two difficult years that were shadowed by pandemic, lockdowns and bereavement.

I had heard of Takdah Heritage Bungalows being a British legacy which is quite evident everywhere Darjeeling, Kalimpong and other places in the hills. Intriguingly, hills have always been preferred destination for residence or getaways for the sheer charm and challenges they pose. No wonder there are these heritage bungalows tucked away in Takdah – close to Takdah Cantonment. These bungalows have excellent views of the slopes of pine forests. It is magical when clouds and fog casually shroud the place and make it mysterious.

These properties have been well-maintained and they provide excellent food with warm cosy comfort. They are an excellent retreat for writers, photographers and artists or even school excursions. We had excellent conversations on diverse topics and the place made us open up and share our tales. It was a kind of healing since all of us have stories that are waiting to be told at right time and place. Takdah gave us that warm comfort and ambience to be our soulful self. One could go for a walk alone early in the morning and later make a short trip with entire group down to Teesta and come back via Takdah Orchid centre.

Takdah Orchid Centre is an oldest Orchid repository which was built in British era but was sadly attacked and nearly destroyed during Gorkhaland agitation. Thankfully, it is now being restored. They have a wonderful varieties of rare orchids.

Most of well-known tea estates are in this region. We drove through Lopchu, Ranglee Rongliot and some others. Tea gardens always evoke nostalgia and intrigue. Journey of tea leaves for our most needed morning cuppa traverses both – through history and geography!

The trip and especially our stay at Takdah was refreshing and rejuvenating. Here are few mobile clicks of Takdah…more camera clicks will be added soon…