A Walk Around Murguma Lake and Dam

We were quite reluctant to take the night bus to Murguma Dam, Purulia but there was no other choice. Once we reached the place, we realized the long journey was really worth the view and tranquility. And now after couple of weeks, with fears of the Corona epidemic looming large, I am really glad that we got a two day breather in the greens, nestled among the hillocks and the forest on the verge of spring.

Here are a few photographs of the dam and its vicinity. Some are spectacular sunset photos and the rest are of my next day solitary morning walk. Tranquility and solitude is an experience. I can only share these photographs, you need to travel down to Murguma, Purulia to experience it.

One post will definitely not do justice to this place. I would like to thank Nexgen Weekender for being wonderful hosts…here is the link to Nexgen Weekender FB page  .

All photographs were shot with my Nikon D7000…

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