Serampore Diary – 1

On the last day of 2019, we decided to make the long overdue visit to Serampore, West Bengal. Serampore is one of the most pluralistic pre-colonial era town which was also a colony of Denmark in mid 1800s.

The footprint and legacy of Danes – St. Olav Church, the restored Denmark Tavern, Serampore college (first college/ university to award degrees in India, founded by William Carey in 1818) – is omnipresent all over the town. We reached Serampore late in the afternoon and made a quick preliminary tour before visiting the Denmark Tavern for good food and coffee. We hope to visit this historic city on the banks of Hooghly again soon. Here are the few clicks…

Serampore College

St. Olav’s church
The Denmark Tavern dating back to 1786 has been remarkably restored!
View of the Hooghly river from The Denmark Tavern – on these banks was one of the important trading ports of pre-colonial era
The tranquil campus of Serampore College
Old houses of Serampore
Last dusk of 2019 from the playground of Serampore college