Streets of Lyon

It has been a year since we visited Lyon, France. Due to academic engagements, we did not find much time to do sightseeing in Lyon. As we traveled through the streets of Lyon, visiting different schools, I had clicked few photographs on the move.

Lyon is an historic town and was named Capital of Gauls, during Roman Empire in 27 BC. So just a flying short visit cannot do a justice to it. But we are glad we could visit the some historic heritage sites like Ruins of Roman Theatre, even though briefly.

It was fascinating to travel around the historic French town. Here are some glimpses of streets of Lyon…IMG_20180514_182804IMG_20180515_140514IMG_20180515_140520IMG_20180515_142807IMG_20180515_143041IMG_20180515_143056IMG_20180515_143145IMG_20180515_143232IMG_20180515_143251IMG_20180515_143314IMG_20180515_143404IMG_20180515_143640IMG_20180515_143918IMG_20180515_144257IMG_20180515_145532IMG_20180515_145758IMG_20180515_145806IMG_20180515_150036IMG_20180515_162920IMG_20180515_163026IMG_20180515_185350IMG_20180515_185525IMG_20180516_090151

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