Neighbours – Knowing and Unknowing through Art at Chanderhaat

Last weekend we went for an interesting Art Initiative at Chanderhaat – an artists collective founded by renowned Artist Bhabatosh Sutar. The theme of the exhibition which was a culmination of South Asian artists residency was ‘Padshi’ – meaning ‘Neighbours’. Theme had already got us excited but the participating artists imagination in their installation and performance art simply left us stunned and seeking for answers and meanings.

Living in a neighborhood together peacefully has always been an challenge both at local level as humans and as nations. There are so many compulsions, bindings, issues that can lead to conflicts as well as to great synergy. The rope knotting done in the neighborhood depicted the synergy while the performances explored the conflicts, despair and helplessness. Kinetic installation of artist Bhabatosh Sutar which is work in progress explored the connectedness of thoughts, ideas, to our connectedness to the womb/Earth from where all life springs.

The two performances left us stunned. Especially the one where two wrestlers fought over the wall of fragile tower of water filled glasses of water at the command of a mysterious master. During their performance weather turned wild and stormy. Though we audiences sought shelter, the fight continued amidst broken and strewn pieces of glasses. The metaphor was obvious but very hard hitting! It was highly disturbing to watch the fight helplessly. The conflicts that happen far away between two warring nations and their visuals often make us dehumanised. But being a participant even as a witness makes the horror and our helplessness more real!

Here are few photographs…unfiltered and unedited…