The River and the Magical Blue Hour

Whenever I feel blue, I step out for a walk. I prefer walking beside water bodies or under green canopy with clear view of the horizon. I really can’t remember when I actually started doing this. During my college days, I often went out for trekking or whole night sky watching and it was the time I felt free under the blue sky, far away from city’s maddening crowd and light. Later, when I was in Madras, it was the sea which beckoned me to share my thoughts and emptiness. I remember the long walk to the beach and standing there for hours as day transformed into night. Somewhere in this transformation, I lived through the blue hour without noticing it consciously. Maybe I was too keen about the sunset colors and then stars visible in the dark night sky that I missed out on the Time that connected the day and the night – the blue hour. The time just after sunset when the sun is just below the horizon and only blue light reaches us, turning the sky and landscape magical blue.

Yesterday, once again in the afternoon I felt an urge to step out to breathe and visit the river. I went to the river side and sat for quite a while. I remembered wise words of the legendary photographer Raghu Rai – “Stay quiet and observe, the place will weave its magic. Don’t be in a hurry to click too many moments, then you may miss the actual magical moment.” I sat there, watching young and old, lovers, families, boats, boat-men, the river, bridge, sky, opposite bank and furthermost my eyes could reach. The sunset colors eluded us due to clouds. I still waited and then I saw and experienced the magical blue hour. Here are few photographs shot by Nikon D7000.