A walk through Père-Lachaise Cemetery

A sunday morning walk in a cemetery is not often on an agenda of tourists unless of course one is in the city which has great legends resting six feet under. Pere Lachaise Cemetery is one of the largest and the most famous cemetery in Paris. The most famous graves include names like Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Marcel Proust, Edith Piaf, Gay-Lussac and many more. There are world war memorials and also memorials for lives lost due to terrorists attacks and genocide.

The walk through the highly dense cemetery is one of the most sombre and beautiful moments of our France trip. Especially so, because we went looking for our very own Indian queen mother’s tomb, tomb of King Wajid Ali Shah’s Mother – Malika Kishwar. She could be the only Indian, resting among the greats. As her grave was not marked on the gate maps, it took us a while to find her. We had to walk through many paths between the tombstones. What we saw was extremely moving – there were families tending to their near and dear ones resting places, there were young fans with tears staring and praying at the grave of their iconic heroes, there were people playing sombre music while looking out for tombstones and some listening to the audio-biographies of greats while staring at their tombstones. Death seemed like a beautiful ending yet also a continuity. Here are the few photographs of Pere Lachaise. Do keep it on your must-visit list if you visit Paris.