Another history textbook relic, and capital of the legendary Vijaynagara Empire, Hampi, the UNESCO world heritage site, was on my bucket list for long. So when we took the night train from Bangalore I was super-excited.

We had planned the Karnataka Trip meticulously, but what I had not anticipated was falling severely ill on the way to Hampi. Yet, I was able to travel around Hampi, thanks to a humble auto driver who asked me to hop in and offered to take me to the nearest medical shop just after checking in. His urgent response to my state earned my trust and I hopped in alone as my family completed check-in formalities at the KSTDC hotel. Hampi is a heritage city so the auto-ride outside the precincts of Hampi was long and I had forgotten to even carry change in my wallet. He paid for my consultation and medicines. To my utter surprise, he did not charge me anything! He simply refused, saying “Sister, you are so ill. I cannot take money from you. If you feel better I will take you around to a few spots in the evening”. It is these strangers who make us kind and generous.

The place, people, and medicines worked it’s magic and so it began – our sight seeing of Hampi. Hampi is a paradise for heritage and photography enthusiasts alike. Here are my few clicks out of many… DSC_2344DSC_2801DSC_2319DSC_2733DSC_2567dsc_2615.jpgDSC_2656DSC_2918DSC_2363DSC_2637DSC_2683DSC_2882DSC_2660DSC_2863DSC_2550DSC_2695DSC_2356DSC_2485

These are all famous documented monuments so I don’t need to give the names. But I hope I am able to give the feel of the place.